Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fave Bloggers of 2014 & 2015 Beauty Resolutions!

So here we are in 2015! :)

These are all my favourite bloggers I have been following in the last year. I've found them all really inspiring and love all their individual styles & posts - Do head to their blogs & check them out if you don't follow any of them already!

Amy Valentine - Show me your magic powers

Travelsize Supermodel - Gypsy

Dirty Disco - Barbie Girl

RommydeBommy - 50's Glamour

That Pommie Girl - London Lovin 

Fashion Influx - Tartan Scarf

Kayla Hadlington -  And the need to get psycho is not a question to me

Feral Creature - The Grandest Adventure

I started blogging almost a year ago now after being made redundant and landing a really crappy job not long after. I spent alot of my time at work surfing the net counting down the mins/hours/seconds to payday and would create lists of outfits and stuff I wanted in the back of my notebook to pass the time and to keep myself sane as I was feeling pretty low.

It was during this time I somehow stumbled across Amy Valentines Blog and was was introduced to the world of blogging  and have been totally hooked ever since! 
Even though now I've moved on to a new job which isn't so dull, blogging has kept me going whilst I was feeling low as well as channeled my love of fashion in to a hobby that I can now share with other fashion lovers out there as not many of my peers are quite as in love with the fashion world as I am. Its given me my very own little project that motivates me and has given me confidence to make friends in the blogging world that share the same hobby as me as I'm pretty shy, introverted & tee-total I find it difficult to make friends usually :)  

I'm really excited for 2015 in both blogging plans & general life plans - I'm hoping to build this blog even more and go to a few more fashion events. I'm also planning a couple of holidays and going on a camping trip in the summer which will be totally out of my comfort zone but am looking forward to the challenge! 

Beauty 2015 Resolutions

  • Look after eyes, hair & nails better. - Invest in a good eye cream to look after my constantly tired eyes. For hair & nails maybe try a vitamin supplement as well as try and better diet that's not all chocolate and crisps!
  • Try and get in the habit of combing hair before shower so its not all tangly! 
  • Be bold & try fake nails or something new I've been to scared of trying
  • Learn to plait hair!!! - A must learn!! 

What are your favourite bloggers of 2014 & your 2015 Hair/Beauty/fashion resolutions? :)

Love, Sarah x 

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