Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Maroon Furry Jacket // Primark
Biker Trousers // H&M
Black Vest Top // New Look
Studded Ankle Boots // Pretty Little Thing 

Feeling alot of love for these furry jackets right now, spesh as its got really cold n snowy!

They had LOADS of these in the Primark Oxford Circus Store just before Christmas with amazing candy coloured ones and stripy ones!

As much as I love the candy coloured ones I don't feel like I can pull them off as they look a million times better on peoples with dyed hair like a lilac hue or pinks. Why o why is my hair so thin and lifeless??! would so love to have purple or pink hair, but mine will become too damaged if I dare bleach it as light as needs to be to achieve these shades! :'( *sigh*

Still, Primarni made up for it by making this pretty maroon coloured one <3 Its really thick so perfect for the freezy weather.  My current wardrobe theme seems to be to wear boring black at the mo, as you've prob noticed during my recent pics I have been wearing my leathers to death recently. Don't get me wrong I adore my leathers but could do with them in other colours so I don't feel like I'm wearing dark colours all the time. This furry jacket compliments the all-in-black look perfectly and adds abit of colour back in.

Love, Sarah x

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