Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Indian Summer

Tassel Suede Fringe Tan Jacket // Boohoo (now only £12!!)
Elephant Necklace // Claire's Accessories 
Brown Fedora // Select 
Brown Suede Cut Out Boots // New Look 

Ok - totally get it may be abit of a stretch to call it an indian summer now that we are in November but it is still pretty mild outside if your live in the south of the UK (still pretty much 16-17 degrees here) When I've been up north in the UK at this time of year you can definitely note the temperature change!

I think I may have noticed this playsuit a little late on Motel as it may have actually of been in Motel a while cus of it's name but had to get it and wear to for the last couple of weeks in autumn as its just soo pretty!

Its the perfect retro playsuit and fits in perfectly with this years 70's trend. The pattern is very 70s nans wallpaper but I love it! :)

The sleeves are what make this piece so unique, not only are they flared bell sleeved by they also pretty three quarter frilly ones! <3

Wish I had spotted it on Motel slightly sooner to get more wear out of it for this season! Hoping they make a winter maxi dress in the same pattern in burgundy red perhaps to take it through to next season (hint hint & pretty please Motel!)

Love, Sarah  x



  1. love your style! xo


  2. Beautiful photos! I love the way you captured the golden light from the sunset. The playsuit's cute too, I love the bell sleeves so much. I live in Edinburgh and we've had a very mild autumn, but I can definitely feel the autumn chill at the moment! xx



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