Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Make Gingham the ultimate transeasonal piece, layer over sleeved tops or wear with fishnet tights for extra style points!

Gold Glitter Heart Bag // Skinny Dip London 
Western Style Fedora // Asos (similar here
Pink Lace Up Choker // Primark 
Western Style Backless Ankle Boots // Primark

The other week when I took these it felt positively spring like, and this Gingham dress from H&M is giving me all the spring feels! However, this week am back in black and layers. What gives weather?stop being such a tease!

Gingham always makes me feel feel county and western so I couldn't help but pop on a fedora and these cute cut-out western boots from Primark (just £12!) for a bit of Cowgirlyness too.

My hair looks mega auburn in these pics as well cus the suns on it! its gonna be a mission lightning my hair in a month or so (been advised it will take at least 2 attempts & possibly spend a month or two with ginger hair..hoping more strawberry blonde..) but we will get there! so ready for a complete hair change!

Check out these over Gingham pretties for a more spring-like look to your wardrobe, sun isn't promised but shouldn't be too much longer now. I literally cannot wait to start on Easter Eggs so I'm starting this eve with a lil Malteasers one :)

Love, Sarah x

Get The Look - Gingham 

1. Gingham One Shoulder Bralet - Asos | 2. Gingham Ruffle Midi Shirt - Topshop | 3. Gingham  Bardot Dress - Pretty Little Thing


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