Saturday, 20 January 2018

Moving On...

Bare faced, slouchy jumper days for Jan <3 Green & faux fur is my new favourite with this comfy Missguided beaut being my go to for warms RN.

Green Faux Fur Leopard Sweater // Missguided 
Boyfriend Jeans // Stradivarius
Silver Boots // Primark

 It's been a while, so what happened since my last post??

Well, frankly loads. As aforementioned on my December posts, 2017 went down like a lead balloon. 

I recently started again at a new job (hello car mechanics life!) which I choose to start in the new year to give my self some headspace so I had a really long Christmas break which was really desperately needed. 
Didn't have the money to go anywhere special but it was nice to just do nothing if you know what I mean. Working full time and trying to do all the adultey stuff life throws at you gets too much sometimes, you just need to take a step back to get the balance right and re-adjust.

 It was actually on New Years eve morning (before I covered myself in glitter and Ashish sequin-ness from my last post) that I woke up really early and couldn't get back off to sleep. So I got up and did the usual passing the time thing of checking Facebook/Instagram/browsing for clothes online when I remembered a candle holder I liked a couple of months ago in H&M so went to see if it was online which it was.

Then I spotted the botanical bathroom stuff they have and sat there in my onesie for the next half hour pinning everything to my Home Pinterest Board and dreaming what my ideal bathroom would look like when I suddenly found myself googling local property rentals to see if I could imagine this dream bathroom scenario in any of them and I came across this cute bungalow, local to our area, 2 bedrooms, bigger kitchen then ours and v. importantly, had a back and front garden! (and yes it does have a cute bathroom that's already in green tile/marble to make it look botanical looking!)

I went and showed this dream bungalow to Rich, who had finally got up at this point, and we both knew it was exactly what we wanted in a home and had been looking for for years since we moved in our top floor flat almost a decade ago. So we swooned over pictures for the New Years Day, then the very next day, as soon as the Estate Agents was open, I arranged a viewing and decided we would go for it!

We had already got just enough savings to go for it with all our holiday saving money so hopefully later in the year we can save up again and go away. It just felt like the right time to do this with all that's gone wrong this could finally be our year, and the bungalow is just soo perfect!

I can't wait to start checking out garden things and doing little homewear hauls so look out for those coming to the blog in future if I get time.

Time is pretty short at the mo as we only have a month to get all our stuff packed and organised. Sounds like a long time bit with full time jobs you only really have the weekends to really get things underway so I will try and blog where I can : )

There won't be any pics from this spot anymore as this is where we put our bins out behind the flat haha! I get to do some new blog location hunting in our new area which is always really good fun,

Hope you have all had a good start to the New Year so far, if you know of any good homewear stores hit me up in the comments below to your favourites and I'll check them out! 

Love, Sarah x x 

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Ashish X River Island

O hey! A sneaky lil collab between one of my fave fashion designers and River Island? Let's check this out!

Ashish x River Island Sequin Lace Slip Dress // River Island
Snow Queen Face Jewels // The Gypsy Shrine
Silver Boots // Primark

Hey all! Hope you had a good Christmas and got a good NYE planned! As this year has been one of my worst (particularly this last month) I am not sorry to see it go, bring on 2018!

I am hoping to be awake past midnight (I rarely make it!) and am gonna be wearing this amazing blue sequined Ashish dress I treated myself to for a post Christmas treat, it's perfect for NYE celebrations and is mega sparkly. Better still, I managed to bag this in the River Island sale for half the RRP price. If you are not a fan of blue, its also available in gold :)

I have been in hibernation from blogging as well you may of noted recently, I have got lots of stuff planned for Jan so alot of my Dec stuff will be appearing then. I literally have spent the last 3 weeks off work to try and de-stress so I have let the blog also have a break too!

My top plans for 2018 are:

- To travel more
- To spend more time for ME, using my weekend and evening time to do more creative things, reading books, taking up yoga and stuff like that
- Revamp the blog (was meant to be happening now but job sitch kinda put that back abit)
- Continue to eat better and less (I have kicked my comfort eating habit pretty well since October, hoping to continue this as am feeling alot better physically)

What are you wearing for NYE and do you have any 2018 plans set?

See you in the New year, you can check out the River Island Ashish collab here!

Love, Sarah x 

Saturday, 23 December 2017

If The Love Isn't Like 90s RNB I Don't Want It

Going crazy for my late 90s/00's themed wardrobe RN with the Carli Bybel range over @ Missguided

Blue Camo Cargo Trousers // Carli Bybel x Missguided (sold out)
Silver Boots // Primark
Black Mesh Top // olddddd! 
(see those thumb holes? I would of made those back in my college days!) 

Ever had an item of clothing you have dreamed about and wanted to own but never got it? These amazing cargo pants are one of these! I had watched these for a long time on the Missguided website since the Carli collab came out, but they were A. pretty expensive at £55 and B. constantly sold out. 

Luck must have fallen in my favour though (now THATS a rare thing!) as it looked like someone returned this pair so I swooped in and got them. They are now my absolute faves, I had cargo and parachute trousers in the early 00s/late 90s and wore them till they literally fell apart. 

Hopefully, these will last me forever, or I will grab one of the other ones in different colours as per my wishlist below. Camo print does tend to come back in and out of fashion most AW's but there is something really special about this seasons camo offering and was the refresh the camo/military look really needed to get it back on my radar.  

Sorry for the non festive post also. My December has been, to be polite, a little bit shit. I do have NYE stuff up and coming so will bring some sparkle to that once I have regained my festiveness. :)

Have a good Christmas!

Check out the Carli x Missguided range here

Love, Sarah x 

GTL - 90s/00s Camo

1. Blue Camo Mesh Crop Top -  Pretty Little Thing | 2. Orange Camo Cargo Trousers - Missguided | 3. Denim Pink Camo Jacket - Dolls Kill



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