Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Black Milk - Egypt Limited Collection

Gold Crescent Headpiece // Regal Rose (now in summer sale!)
Black Bandeau Top // New Look
Sandals // New Look

Sooo excited to finally have my first Black Milk piece after lusting after this famous Aussie brand's stuff for several years now! And I think I've have def picked a really good un! 

Black Milk are well known for their collections that include Disney Princesses, Marvel & DC, Lord of the Rings to name but a few as well as these fab reversible skirts and dresses which have two prints on either side so you get two outfits for the price of one which is pretty darn cool. 

I opted for this beautiful Egyptian print skirt with one side being the goddess Isis and the other Egyptian women arranging flowers or gathering reeds. not entirely sure really if they are flowers or reeds! Which more brands made skirts or dresses like this so we could have two outfits in one! 

As the most Black milk collections they usually make a few pieces with a similar style print but on different garments so with the Egyptian print there is also a couple of pairs of leggings to choose from too if you fancy these instead or as well as. 

I also couldn't resist getting these Topshop metallic tattoos to match as well. how cool are they! Metallic tattoos have been everywhere this summer and in almost any design you can think of! 

These Topshop ones though I have to say didn't last as long as other transfers I've used. Not sure if its just cus they are metallic or maybe the Topshop ones were not as good and long lasting as rival brands. They only lasted me a day and a half before rubbing off to the point where you couldn't really tell what they were so had to scrub the remaining stuff off! :(  

Have you given metallic tattoos a try? let me know if you have also found the are not as long lasting! 

Love, Sarah x 



  1. That skirt is so awesome, I love the print and how good that it's reversible. I love all of your jewellery as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. thank u lovelie! wish more brands did reversible skirts ! x

  2. Love your headpiece !


  3. This is such a cute look! The skirt is amazing, I want it hehe
    Peace xo


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