Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Down on the Riviera...

Because every girl needs a holiday bag to match the location right? 

Stripe Maxi Dress // Primark
Riviera Suitcase Bag // Accessorize
Sunglasses // Guess

Each holiday I have always found my monochrome striped maxi and sunnies always made it in to my suitcase. Summer stripes are a classic and must have as a holiday wardrobe staple. Naturally though, they have started to get really worn looking after a good few years of wear so I did some shopping to update my faves before going away, 

This stripe dress is a great match for my old one, although my old Primark one was monochrome striped I really like this new take on it with navy and camel stripes and a more daring neckline (just gotta be wary of those tanlines!). :) 

I also treated myself to an early Birthday present and picked up these Guess sunnies after my ancient Accesorize faves I've had since I was 14 were desperately needing to retire! I will be keeping these for years also for sure, spesh with the amazing leopard print case they came with. It feels nice and grown up to have my first proper pair of sunglasses :)

The bag is possibly my fave though, I am a sucker for trying to match my holiday outfits to the location I'm travelling and I was delighted to see that Accesorize had made a bag with all the destinations I'm going to on - and in the same cute suitcase design I wanted to get last year but missed out on at the time as I figured it may hang around for me to buy...but it didn't! So pleased it's back again.

Just need a floppy hat on really to complete the look and I'm virtually  Riviera holiday ready! :)

Love , Sarah x


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  1. That bag is the cutest omg! <3


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