Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Oh hello sun! Time to get colourful with this sassy lil pom pom cardi!

Premium Pom Pom Cardigan  // Asos 
Dollbaby Vest Top // Wheels & Dollbaby
Flared Jeans // Glamourous (now just £14)
Unicorn Tears Super Size Cup Bag // Skinny Dip
Glitter & Sequins Catseye Sunnies // Tunnel Vision
Floral Platforms // Asos (last years summer sale!)

I feel just like a piñata in this cardi but hey, its just far to much fun to not wear, even if it is getting warmer! :D I love the bright ice cream tones on it which make me feel really summery and ready to hang out on the beach. its 3 quarter length sleeved make it so that you aren't cooking to much under those piñata pom pom layers and act as a great beachy day cover up.

It's a first I've seen a cardi like this on the site but it does remind me of the Lovers and Drifters club Shaggy cardigans last year - I wanted one so bad but they are really expensive. This one comes in and under half the price at £55 and has even more colours on it, yay! :) Asos. I salute you! 

By something of coincidence this bright pink, and yellow colour scheme matched up with my platforms (also Asos) I snapped up in the sale last year. I was growing fearful, thinking they may never get worn as have struggled to find anything to go with them, but today was their day! They are the perfect heel size to go with my new flares too! 

BTW, I kid you not - the sea was actually that blue today as well. There has been no photoshop tinkering to give you the false illusion I could actually be in Monte Carlo staring out at the Mediterranean already. Though, having said that, I wouldn't turn down some flights to be there now... just 6 more weeks to go!

Love, Sarah x 


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